Whether or not you're a parent is moot point. If you have any kids in your life whatsoever, chances are you're very familiar with 'Elf On The Shelf'.

If not, here's the Spark Notes: There's a book titled 'The Elf On The Shelf: A Christmas Tradition' that tells the story of Santa's Scout Elves. Each elf is "assigned" a child and is responsible for heading to their home to keep tabs on whether they're being naughty or nice. Every night, each child's scout elf returns to the North Pole to give Santa a play-by-play so Santa can accurately update his Naughty or Nice list. Upon returning from the North Pole, the elves are always found in a different spot the next morning, usually getting into some elvish mischief.

Every parent knows the struggle of having to remember to move the elf every night.

What's even harder? Coming up with new poses and situations for them. When it's left up to Dad though, the elves can get into some hilariously inappropriate situations that make for internet gold.

I can just hear them now. Moms everywhere telling Dad "This is why we can't have nice things". LMAO

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