Everyone dreams of Christmas morning starting approximately the day immediately following Halloween. November 1st, no?

The lights, the colors, the presents, the joy, the merriment, the menu....

Oh, the menu! Who doesn't love a little Christmas danish with your morning coffee and mimosas?

Before you head straight for the wine rack, though, pause. Delish just shared a video to their Facebook page that will put your Christmas morning mimosas to shame.

Now introducing the new Peppermint Bark Christmas Mimosa!

Ugh, I could die these look so amazing! Seriously though, this is basically the combination of every woman's two favorite things: wine and crafts. What a fun Christmas morning activity, right?

To be honest, if you're really into holiday baking, chances are you probably whip up some derivative of peppermint bark already. Adding them to mimosas, though? GENIUS.

They're not the traditional mimosa, obviously, since there's no orange juice. But, I can definitely get behind a candy cane substitute. After all, isn't sugar basically a Christmas necessity?

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