People are talking about Atlantic City's Revel Casino being bought by Hard Rock Hotels. It's all over the news.

While I am a fan of Revel - I think it's bright, cheery, and beautiful - I look forward to a possible change to Hard Rock.

As you may have heard, I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico last week for Tropical Nights - Boots in the Sand.

It was a beautiful facility, inside and out. It had the "Hard Rock Vibe" with memorabilia everywhere, the Hard Rock logo everywhere, and, of course, sky-high prices in the gift shop.

My main reason for loving Hard Rock had nothing to do with any of that, though. It has to do with how the Hard Rock made one of my body parts tingle. and feel really great..

For me, the highlight of the Hard Rock was.....the shampoo. And, the conditioner. Wow!

Now, I'm not normally a conditioner guy, and I'll take whatever shampoo I can find, but the stuff at the Hard Rock was AMAZING! Rock Spa Shampoo and Conditioner. Sweet Grass. It smelled great and it felt great!

Oh, sure, I can plop down the $8 per bottle online, plus shipping and handling. It's much more satisfying, though, to stay over a few nights and see how many free little bottles I can con out of  the cleaning crew and stuff into my suitcase!


So, come on over, Hard Rock...  I can smell you from here!

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