Like many others, we were mislead by a Facebook page today regarding the Casino Formerly (OK, and currently) known as Revel.

Our staff read a post on Facebook, announcing the new name for Revel - which owner Glenn Straub hopes to reopen in June.

Problem was, we were misled by the Facebook page - as were thousands of others, apparently.

The page, Lacuna - Beach Resort & Casino - was developed to appear that it's the new name of Revel - but, it's not. It's only a proposal created by someone named Jim Werkley. Werkley goes so far as photo-shopping the proposed name on a photo of the Revel building.

In the page information area, Werkley writes,

This is a support and promotional page for Glenn Straubs Revel Branding Contest. I created this page and video to raise awareness for my idea to further it's exposure on the internet. The Revel has NOT been changed yet, and this is an unofficial support page.

Well, Mr. Werkley, you fooled us.

A bunch of others, too. As of this writing over 3,600 people have "Liked" the page. Some have asked questions about opening dates, job fairs, and more.

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