It's time for me to announce that I will be opening my own casino in Atlantic City - this summer!

I plan to open my casino near the intersection of the Atlantic City Boardwalk and Rhode Island Avenue - as pictured above.

I'm sure at this point you're wondering how I, your favorite morning radio show host, is going to possibly open a casino. After all, I lack things that usually are required to open a casino. You know, things like a big building....and money....and a casino license.

Wait. Didn't you hear? I may not need a casino license!

Glenn Straub argued before the Casino Control Commission yesterday that he doesn't really need a license to operate a casino at TEN, the former Revel Casino. His reasoning: he won't be operating the casino - someone else will. He'll lease that part to a "third party." It's just his building. Ta Da! No license necessary.

They said no.

I gotta say here, I expect more back and forth between Straub and the Commission. I figure one day the Commission may just give in and tell Straub that he can open a casino without a license. If that happens, Casino Control Commission, I'll be next in line, getting permission to open the Joe Kelly Casino!

Once that happens, you'll be able to stop and check out my casino on the Boardwalk at Rhode Island Avenue. My casino will operate on a card table, with a pair of lucky dice.

If he doesn't need a license, then neither do I, right?

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