Over the last several years, Sports Betting has become a part of the mainstream sports conversation with the legalization of Sports Gambling back in 2018.  But for Eagles fans, wagering your money in favor of your team may not be a good idea.

Winning games on the field does not mean your favorite team is winning Against The Spread at the Sportsbook and Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni is a perfect example of this dichotomy.  Sirianni has a coaching record on the field of 23-11 (67.6% Winning Percentage) and reached the Super Bowl in his second season in the NFL.  But at the sportsbooks, Nick Sirianni's record Against The Spread is 18-19-1 (48.7% Winning Percentage) which means if you are the type of fan who bets in favor of your Birds each week, you are losing money.

According to TeamRanking.com metrics and on a list organized by BetPennsylvania.com, we see that Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni is the 21st NFL Head Coaching Record Against The Spread, right behind former Eagles and current Jaguars Head Coach Doug Pederson (52-52-1 ATS record).  Only three NFL Head Coaches who have won Super Bowls are in the Top Ten Best Records Against The Spread: Bill Belichick (204-148-9), Mike McCarthy (155-119-6), and Sean Payton (140-115-6).

The numbers show there is not a strong correlation between winning games on the field and winning games at the sportsbook with the NFL.  Just look at the wild different results for Former Eagles and Current Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid: He has a 64.1% Winning Percentage on the field (247-138-1) but has a 51.8% Winning Percentage at the sportsbook (180-167-6). Among the other successful NFL Head Coaches with mediocre records Against The Spread includes Pete Carroll (53.2% ATS vs 58.9% NFL), Mike Tomlin (52.1% ATS vs 63.6% NFL), and Sean McVay (52.4% ATS vs 61.2% NFL).

So this upcoming NFL season, be careful if you want to place a bet on your favorite team's games and don't let your heart make those sports wagers or you could be losing money.  Better to root for your team with money in your pocket than lose money while your favorite team celebrates on the field.

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