Yeah, the Philadelphia Eagles blew it big time during Super Bowl LVII this year. Does that mean we love them any less? Not in my case, it doesn't.

Win or lose, Fly Eagles Fly!

If you're a true Philly football fan, you feel the same way. That's exactly what South Jersey Eagles fans were feeling over the weekend when they got to spend some time partying with their favorite football coach, Mr. Nick Sirianni himself!

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Honestly, I'm a little bit bummed that I wasn't there for this. The fun went down over the weekend at Brewers Towne Tavern in Haddon Township, Camden County. Thanks to Twitter, we know that Nick Sirianni decided to go out and have some fun with fans for a night.

We also learned another important fact about the birds' fearless leader. Apparently, he's a Miller Lite guy. See, he's a chill dude just like us. Judging from the video, nobody's holding the Super Bowl loss against him. Obviously, we can't wait to see what happens next season.

Brewers Towne Tavern is located on Haddon Avenue right down the street from the Westmont stop on the Patco High Speed Line.

In case everyone's reactions to Nick having a ball wasn't clear enough, we love ya, man!

As always, fly, Eagles, fly!

Source: Twitter

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