Are there big cats roaming New Jersey?

Ask state wildlife officials, and the answer you'll get is "no."

Ask the dozens of people who believe they have seen mountain lions, cougars, or panthers in New Jersey, and they'll tell you "yes."

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We've documented many of these sightings over the past couple of years, and you can check those out here.

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Possible black panther sighting in Atlantic County

A recent post on the Nextdoor App and site, from a resident of Laureldale, claims she saw something - and captured it on video - which she believes could be a black panther.

The contributor says that when a deer was struck in front of her home, a family member cleaned up the carcass and placed it in the woods behind her house.

She says the family member soon saw a black panther eating off the carcass.

She actually posted video of the animal on Nextdoor, along with this: "I know there were 'rumors' of a black panther spotted in the Weymouth area back in April, but maybe they weren’t just rumors! Anyone else in the area spot this big guy?"

(We have not obtained permission to the share the video here)

People who have watched the video have commented, saying it could be a panther, or a bear, or a dog.

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Another panther sighting in the Mays Landing area

There was a sighting of a similar animal reported by the Hamilton Township Police Department back in April.

Police later explained the sighting as someone's large dog, missing in the area.

SOURCE: Nextdoor

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