Oh, Youtube.

What a wonderful place. You can find almost anything on there. From tutorials for just about anything to traveling advice and itineraries, Youtube has EVERYTHING.

But, that's no secret, right? No, the real secrets are actually all these drone videos popping up that showcase just how gorgeous South Jersey is! Not that we didn't already know that...

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Scrolling through Youtube recently, I discovered a wonderful video that features all the bodies of water in Mays Landing from an aerial perspective. They were shot from a drone in fall of 2018 and... WOW. The shots are too gorgeous not to share.

It's hard to find a South Jersey native who is unaware of how underrated this part of the state really is. Let's get serious - South Jersey is absolutely beautiful. From the Pine Barrens to the open farmland and our gorgeous beaches, those of us that are either from here or have called this place home for a while are fully aware of what a gem of a place this is.

Mays Landing is no exception. Sitting on the border of Mullica and Egg Harbor Township, it's close to multiple beaches and is only a hop, skip, and a jump away from both Atlantic City and Philadelphia. It also has some pretty amazing and photogenic natural landscapes.

This particular Youtube video puts them on blast for the world to see. It's about time, too.

So, without further ado, check out the video:

Gordon Lewis via Youtube

Even though we may not be excited for the summer to come to an end, it's sights like this that make you excited for the full effect of fall.

Source: Youtube

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