When's the last time you found yourself venturing out to the mall?

Regardless of which one you went to recently, you can probably agree with the fact that the mall today is nothing like it was in the late 80s and early 90s. When I was a kid, the mall was THE PLACE to be on a Friday night. My mom would drop us off before seven o'clock and scoop us up right around closing time.

Malls today aren't as over-the-top as they were in former decades. Sure, they've had to do what they can to keep up with the times, but the giant lights and oversized store signs are what they were all about. These days, it's about classy and modest storefronts and chic, modern signage. Rest in peace to the good old days.

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Now, I'm a 90s baby, so I'm more familiar with the Hamilton Mall on the Black Horse Pike in Mays Landing as it looks at the present. I came across a video of the Hamilton Mall from back in the 80s and, wow, it's a whole vibe. Not only does it feature old stores within the mall itself, but also the Hamilton Mall's Teen Art Showcase. Apparently, this was an event that used to happen every year.

The Oakcrest Marching Ambassadors Band account is responsible for sharing the video and, believe me, it's glorious. The high schoolers featured in the showcase weren't half bad, either. So, kudos to them.

Check out the Hamilton Mall and the kids from Oakcrest High School in all of the 80s glory below:

Source: Youtube

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