Born and raised baby! Cherry Hill, right here in South Jersey, has been named one of the best towns to live in according to this website.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

I mean....DUH
Muhammed Ali did live in Cherry Hill at one point too, so that obviously makes it the best.

But why else you may ask? Well, let's hear it from a Cherry-Hillian herself!

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    Ranked TOP 50 Small Cities in America

    Based on over 60 factors such as safety, affordability, education and healthcare quality, Cherry Hill was ranked in the TOP 50 of small cities in America based off Money Magazine

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    It's The Perfect Suburb of Philadelphia

    Cherry Hill is a 24-square-mile town in South Jersey that's separated from the City of Brotherly Love with our bridgely friend, Benjamin Franklin, with a simple 15-20 minute drive!

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    Commuting is Ideal

    In addition to being so close to Philly, Cherry Hill is also just a 90 minute train ride to another major working/entertaining environment-- NYC! Cherry Hill also migrates to the Atlantic City area for the summer in just under an hour, AND the South Jersey town is just under 45 minutes from our state capital.  Conveniently enough, it's not nearly far from other job prosperous/wonderful towns like Princeton and Medford Lakes.

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    Speaking of Jobs...

    The opportunities are endless! Cherry Hill is home to many corporate headquarters like Subaru and TD Bank.  Apparently, Melitta USA has its coffee roasting plant here. And of course, the Cherry Hill mall (one of the largest malls in the US) brings many openings! Which brings us to our next point...

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    Not only is the C-Hill Mall one of the largest in the US, but it's home to ENDLESS shopping, along with local boutiques and small shops like Dare Boutique, chain stores like my favorite "targë" aka Target,  and the Market Place at Garden State Park shopping center.

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    The Wine is Great!

    The Wine Room is located in Cherry Hill, where you can handcraft your very own wines! There's also many tastings for not just wines, but breweries in the area as well! We got good soil I guess.

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    So Much Room For Activities!

    I grew up right around the corner from the best place on earth--Garden State Discovery Museum, one of the state's premier children's museums. I also used to work at the inflatable party zone BounceU which ROCKS for family fun. And of course there's Bowling, Batting Cages, Skating Rinks, and all things sports. For the kids, they will DEFINITELY love the Toy Train Emporium. For the older guys and girls, try the Amazing Escape Room. I've heard GREAT things...but I'm afraid of failing so I've never tried it LOL

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    "Outdoorsy" is Our Middle Name

    Make sure you're sitting down... Cherry Hill is home to 51 city parks along with 3 county parks!

    Springdale farms, located on the main road of the town, has the most AWESOME corn field! Perfect for the corn maze they host in the fall. And of course, you won't be able to drive around town without seeing tennis courts, walking trails, playgrounds, parks and a lot of open fields for farm animals and deer!

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    There's SO Much History

    Growing up in the Cherry Hill school district was the BEST because, uh hello, SO MANY FIELD TRIPS!  We would go to places like the Barclay Farmstead Museum for demonstrations and educational programs. You'll also find the Historic Croft Farm, and the Cherry Hill Performing Arts Center!

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    Food, Food, FOOD

    Ok, not for nothing, but I HAVE HEARD that Cherry Hill is home to the BEST Philly Cheesesteak... yes, I said it. Can I validate? No. BUT It wouldn't be the first time that Chicks Deli has been named the Best of the best South Jersey delicacy.  You also can't go wrong with the diner, and every other variety of cuisine dispersed around the town for whatever your little heart desires.

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