Some residents of South Jersey have often pondered the possibility of the southern part of New Jersey splitting off and becoming it's own state.

One of the questions is: Where do you draw the line?

That question is for another time.

The question to ponder now is this: What do we call this new state.

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"South Jersey" seems like a likely choice, but a Reddit user came up with an interesting question the other day:

Hmmm. What do you thing about them apples?

Reddit users came up with some interesting ideas:

1. Hidden Leaf Village. (Yeah, I don't get it either)

2. Flavortown (Apparently submitted by someone named Guy F.)

3. Wawa-Land (Works for me!)

4. Pork Roll Oasis (Um, all this pork roll stuff is a little much, no?)

5. North Florida

6. Atlantic City (So, Atlantic City - the city - would be Atlantic City, Atlantic City)

7. Wharton (like the state forest)

8. Pine Barrens

9. New Delco (not my favorite....)

10. New Jermany

11. New Jerusalem

12. New Piney


SOURCE: Reddit

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