Did you know that you can actually grow fruits and veggies from leftovers??

Your fruit and veggie scraps can be recycled, thereby generating for you a consistent supply. In a video posted by the Pawdose Facebook page, there are 13 different ways to repurpose various fruits and vegetables that will allow you to grow them yourself if you follow the directions. Can you imagine that decrease in the grocery bill?

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Included in the video are strawberries, carrots, corn, peppers, even dragon fruit. Plus, you'll even learn how to regrow dead flowers from your vase.

One of the most interesting hacks is the chamomile tea bag hack. If you cut open a chamomile tea bag, you'll find little seeds in there. If you take those seeds and plant them, you'll soon see your beautiful chamomile flowers in bloom.


Some of these you can even do if you've only got an indoor space to work with. The garlic hack is pretty convenient since most people frequently use it to cook with. If you actually succeed with these tips, that grocery bill should decrease a few pretty pennies for you.

Source: Facebook

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