This topic has been circulating around social media lately thanks to a post from Sara Parr, a woman from Indiana who has been married to her husband Brady for 10 years.

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The petition to raise awareness for this question comes on the heels of Sara and Brady's ten year wedding anniversary. She (along with her husband, surely) was tired of constantly being asked by family and friends when she and her husband were planning on having a baby.

What's the big deal, right? It's just an honest question. Honest as it may be, it's actually super hurtful to a huge portion of women in the world who may have been trying to get pregnant but couldn't or just simply don't want to have children. Parr's viral Facebook post addresses just that.

If, after reading her post, you still find yourself not understanding why asking that question can be hurtful, then you missed the entire point of her post anyway.

First of all, it's none of your business when someone plans on starting a family. Secondly, the question itself can stir up a lot of negative feelings in people. Why would you want to be responsible for stirring up feelings of hopelessness or regret just to satisfy your curiosity? Part of the problem, for sure, is social media. We've all shared so much of our lives so freely with others that we've created a society in which people think they have a right to know every single detail of each other's lives. While it may seem like everyone is open about every little thing, one must be mindful that for every person there's at least one topic that is off-limits.

So, how do you handle this situation correctly? Simply by not asking the question in the first place. That piece of advice should follow every question that may come to your mind about someone. If they didn't freely share that specific piece of personal information, don't ask about it.

Again... it's nobody's business anyway.

Source: Facebook

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