I can't believe I'm saying this but summer 2023 is almost out of here. It came and went so fast. If I'm being honest, I think it flew by.

Luckily for those of us who live close enough to Jersey's beautiful beaches, we don't have to say "so long, sweet summer" as soon as everyone else. We get to experience local summer. Ah, local summer... the best time of the year here in South Jersey. All the shoobies are gone, the weather is still warm, and we get all the beaches and restaurants to ourselves. It's not a bad time of year to call yourself a South Jersey resident, that's for sure.

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It's DEFINITELY not a bad time of year for permanent residents of Wildwood Crest. Not only do you get your beaches back from all the visitors, but you don't even have to stress about the kids getting in the water. The lifeguards in the crest have announced an extended schedule that goes almost to the middle of September. Listen, any additional time that the beaches are protected is better than nothing, right?

The beach patrol revealed in a press release that lifeguards will continue manning the beaches of Wildwood Crest through Labor Day and the following weekend. As of now, their watch is scheduled to end on Sunday, September 10th. That's still two weekends in September that will have monitored waters. Not bad, not bad.

Don't forget, there is an emergency response team that will available and taking calls for the remaining weekends in September. Find out more HERE.

Source: Wildwood365.blogspot.com

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