Happy New Jersey! I mixed together my love of New Jersey, my love of fun facts, and my ability to talk super fast to make a video of 35 facts in one minute!

Honestly, if my career in radio stalls out I could totally be an auctioneer! I talk way too fast most of the time. I am used to people telling me to slow down because they can't understand me. Well, look at me now. It finally came in handy.

Here are 35 New Jersey Facts 1 Minute: (Full list below)

  1. New Jersey is the most densely populated state.
  2. Cape May is the oldest seashore resort in the U.S.
  3. New Jersey is the diner capital of the world.
  4. The game Monopoly was based on street names in Atlantic City.
  5. The light bulb, phonograph, and movie projector were invented by Thomas Edison in NJ.
  6. Atlantic City has the longest boardwalk in the world.
  7. The first organized baseball game was in New Jersey.
  8. The tallest water tower in the world is in New Jersey.
  9. New Jersey has the most toxic waste dumps in the country.
  10. The honey bee is the state insect.
  11. The eastern goldfinch is the state bird.
  12. The first nearly complete fossil was found in Haddonfield, NJ.
  13. The Hadrosaurus (name makes sense right) is the state dinosaur.
  14. It is the only state where every county is considered metropolitan.
  15. New Jersey was the first state to sign the Bill of Rights.
  16. Both Trenton and Princeton were the country's capital for a short period of time.
  17. There were over 100 Revolutionary War battles fought here.
  18. New Jersey is known as the "Pathway of the Revolution."
  19. New Jersey has the most horses per square mile. (More racehorses than Kentucky!!!)
  20. The first submarine test ride was in the Passaic River.
  21. The first FM transmitter was in Alpine.
  22. New Jersey does not have an official state song.
  23. The first ever college football game was played here.
  24. The first drive-in movie theater was in New Jersey.
  25. The state is named after the Isle of Jersey.
  26. The origins of salt water taffy can be traced back to Atlantic City.
  27. The Italian hot dog was created in New Jersey.
  28. The Statue of Liberty is technically in New Jersey.
  29. Napoleon Bonaparte's "member" is in New Jersey.
  30. New Jersey has the most scientists and engineers per square mile.
  31. The state's motto is "Liberty and Prosperity".
  32.  The state tree is the red oak.
  33. The state flower is the purple violet.
  34. The state mammal is the horse.


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