Raise your hand if you end up having to throw away half the food in your fridge before you get to eat it.

Never hate, but let's get real. There's no reason to that wasteful especially when taking into consideration the state of the world today. So many people go without food that it's almost a sin how much food we as a society just throw into the garbage because we can't consume it as quickly as we're purchasing it.

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A survey conducted by Penn State University has revealed that a whole 32% of food in American households alone is thrown away. This is super important to note since Super Bowl Sunday is coming up. It's no secret that Super Bowl Sunday is one of, if not the biggest food days of the year in this country. Lots of pizza and beer. This means there's more paper and plastic-ware used as well as a mountain of beer cans that eventually go straight to the garbage.

In an effort to not make the situation worse, it's worth noting that the Penn State survey also highlighted

- over 66% of households waste between 20% and 50% of the food they buy

- the average household wastes $1,900 worth of food each year

- consumers waste $240 billion worth of food every year

- wasted food is allegedly responsible for 3.3 gigatons of greenhouse gas

Moral of the story, when heading to the grocery store to do your Super Bowl party shopping or even just stocking up for your family, meal prep so you know exactly what it is you need and how much. Maybe, if we're more mindful of what we're putting into our carts, we won't be so wasteful.

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