Last week, the world received some news that shook it to its core. The icon, the legendary Mr. Peanut, passed away.

As seen during the Super Bowl last night, many famous faces like the Kool-aid Man, Mr. Clean, and others paid tribute to the greatest nut the world has ever seen. To everyone's surprise, something beautiful happened as many were gathering to pay their respects to the face of Planters.

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A light broke through from the heavens during the funeral and like a phoenix from the ashes, this happened.

Mr. Peanut's passing was too difficult to bear; we knew that couldn't have been the end. Welcome to the world, Baby Nut!

Okay, in all seriousness, a shout-out must go out to Planters, the company from which snackable peanuts originate. Planters is a branch of the Kraft Heinz company and are apparently geniuses for hopping on what some are calling the Baby Yoda-bandwagon.

Whether you think they sold out or not, it worked. Baby Nut is adorable. Does this mean Mr. Peanut's likeness will be replaced by Baby Nut? Who knows. I guess you'll just have to check out the snack packs to find out.

Source: Youtube

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