If you're a member of Bachelor nation, welcome to the angry mob of humans who may actually want to see Arie Luyendyk Jr. fall into a really deep hole and not come out.

SPOILER ALERT:  In case you missed Part 1 of the season finale last night; Arie made the RIGHT decision by choosing the most amazing girl in the world, Becca. But then weeks later, decided he may have made a mistake and broke off the engagement to go back to girl number two who I like to call dry-toast Lauren.

BUT that's not even the worst part. There are 5 truly solid reasons why ABC's The Bachelor broke hearts across America last night, as told by Twitter and Memes :

5. "Hey Are You Ok?"

My dude Arie thinks that this was ok? SMH--you just told your fiancé you're leaving her for someone else.

4. The Awkwardly Annoying Linger-er

Arie, you're standing around, following her around, and asking her to sit down and talk...BUT SAYING NOTHING. You're so awkward.

3. The Unnecessary Televised Break-Up

He claims he "wanted to tell her in person" yet brings the entire camera crew? Seriously ABC are ratings that important that we have to sit here and watch this poor girl crumble inside?

2.  The Lack of Faith In Male Humanity

I genuinely resented all men after watching this finale....my heart legit feels broken and I have this unexplainable pit in my stomach. An no, it's not all the wine and brownies I was eating by myself as comfort food okay?!

1. The Agony of Forcibly Seeing Your Ex Again on Live Television

This is literally making me sick thinking about it. You're gonna put this poor girl on national television AGAIN, to get embarrassed AGAIN, while she sits there and has to stare at her ex fiancé with the woman he left her for?! If Becca doesn't pounce then I'm 134824570x less of a woman that she is.

Catch me tomorrow morning continually discussing my distaste with this awful awful display of toying with someone's emotions after tonight's 2 out Part 2 finale.

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