We all know how strenuous it is to file taxes. Sometimes, the connotation is so ominous it causes many of us to resort to hiring someone to do them for us.  However, a new survey by Wallet Hub reveals that those who do take on the feat of filing their own taxes would MUCH rather resort to doing some strange things to get out of it....that's apparently how bad filing taxes can get.

1. Talk About 'The Birds and Bees' With Their Kids

We all know how awkward this can get...for the adults AND kids. But not as awkward as it is to file your taxes apparently, considering 35% of people would rather do this than THAT.

2. Get an IRS Tattoo

Just to simply show their appreciation, 27% of people would get an IRS tattoo if that mean never having to pay taxes again. I think I'd second this motion.

3. Spend a Night in Jail

I don't think I'd be able to survive a night in jail. But in the same respect, 13% of people apparently can't survive taxes either given that they'd consider this option instead.

4. Spend 3 Years Cleaning the Bathroom in Mays Landing Chipotle

Personally, I find that establishment to be quite inviting. The bathroom.... I can't speak for. But 11% of people say they would do this EVERY DAY for 3 years if that meant not having to file taxes! That's commitment.

5. Name Their First Born "Taxes"

Yes, lets have a constant reminder of the responsibilities that 8% of people would sacrifice in this scenario...That poor child.

6. Sell A Kidney

This actually/ sadly sounds semi reasonable. 6% of people would rather sell a kidney than pay taxes. Are you KID(ney)DING me?!




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