Another day, another Facebook update. Facebook is now dabbling in the 3D world with 3D photos. As you scrolled through Facebook the past few days you may have seen these new photos scattered about the nonsense. This feature is not immediately accessible, it takes a few steps to get there. (If you are on a desktop glide your cursor over the photo to move it, the photo may take a moment or two to load.)

Disclaimer: this new feature only works if you can use portrait mode, which means you must have an iPhone 7 Plus or newer. Sorry Android. If this disclaimer applies to you, keep on scrolling to find out how to make your very own 3D photo.

3D Photo Instructions:

  1. Take a photo using portrait mode. The more defined the lines between what's out of focus and what's in focus the better. The better the quality of the photo the better the 3D photo turns out.
  2. Open up Facebook app and search for Facebook 360.
  3. Click that like button.
  4. Force close the Facebook app. Double tap your home button and swipe up on the Facebook screen to close it out completely.
  5. Reopen Facebook.
  6. Create a new post.
  7. Click on "3D Photo" to open the feature.
  8. Click the photo you wish to make 3D and wait for the feature to create your 3D photo.
  9. Click next, write a fun comment, and click share!

If you want to upload a 3D photo onto a business page you manage, this feature does not work using the Facebook Page app. To use it on one of those pages, follow steps 1-5 and then in the search bar type in the page you want to upload to. Click on the page and click publish to create a new post. Follow steps 7-9.

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