Ask anyone from New Jersey about our state, and you're bound to hear about Pizza, Springsteen, the Shore, and the high taxes. put out a list ranking New Jersey's municipalities based on property taxes.  The municipality with the highest property taxes is the borough of Tavistock in Camden County.

Tavistock, with a population of 9, is among the smallest municipalities in the state.  It's $29,996 tax bill is not only the most expensive in New Jersey, it's also among the highest in the country.

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The lowest property taxes in the state can be found in another small town, Walpack Township, in Sussex County.

In Atlantic County, Longport and it's $11,684 tax bill is number 1.

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In Cape May County, the highest taxes are found in the Borough of Stone Harbor.  At $11,132, it leads Avalon, also in Cape May County by nearly two thousand a year.

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What do these taxes pay for anyway?  Most of the time, these funds are needed for such services as public safety, in the way of Fire, Rescue and police.

Local taxes go to pay for the maintenance of our roads and bridges and for other infrastructure needs.  Public schools eat up a high percentage of local taxes as well as government facilities and personnel.

Our local taxes also pay for recreational areas including parks, beaches, and other recreational facilities.

For the complete ranking of New Jersey municipal taxes, and to see where your town ranks, check out the article at

Highest NJ Property Taxes: See Where Your Town Ranks On New List | Montclair, NJ Patch

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