When you see posts about living in New Jersey on social media, you are met with a flood of negative comments. The people who leave those comments are either in the minority or just like to complain about anything and everything on social media. According to a new survey by Monmouth University, the majority of residents really do like living in the Garden State.

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Six out of ten New Jersey residents rated that state as either an excellent or good place to live. According to the poll, 15% stated New Jersey is an excellent place to live, 46% rated it as good, 26% said fair, and only 12% rated the state as a poor place to live.

The last poll from the university went out earlier this year where only 50% of residents thought New Jersey was an excellent/good place to live, which was a record low. In April of 2018, the rating was 54%.

The survey did break down the quality of life by region. The Delaware Valley region, consisting of Camden, Gloucester, and Burlington counties saw the highest rise in percentage. Most of the state saw an increase, with the exception of the northeast region consisting of Bergen and Passaic counties.

The breakdown of the survey showed that 72% of residents find their town/city has an excellent or good place to live. 68% of New Jerseyans feel safe in their neighborhoods at night. Schools in New Jersey received top marks with 60% of residents believing they are doing a good job. State residents also believe that the local environment is either excellent (26%) or good (41%).

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