Apparently, some people need a refresher course when it comes to what to do at the end of a day at the beach here in South Jersey.

If you are a local like me, you probably have a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to going to the beach this time of year. For me, I really enjoy hitting one particular beach in Cape May County just before sunset on a Sunday. Every time I go, I am the only one there and it is very relaxing.

That is unless you see what people leave behind when they're done spending their time at the beach.

Reminder #1...

Glorified litter - Photo: Chris Coleman

EVERYTHING that you bring to the beach needs to LEAVE WITH YOU at the end of the day, even if it's your broken canopy frame. Just because you don't feel like dealing with it because it broke, that doesn't mean you can leave it behind. Most beaches have trash cans -- that's where trash goes. If your crap is too big to fit in the trash can, take it home with you (or bring less crap to the beach!).

Reminder #2...

Giant beach crater - Photo: Chris Coleman

If you or your kids are going to dig craters on the beach, fill them in when you are done. The sand you dug-out is right there -- push it back in the hole. Giant, unexpected holes on the beach are actually a hazard to fellow beach-goers, lifeguards, and others. If you want your kids to be perfect little angels in the car on the ride home, here's a great way to tire them out!

Feel free to leave your beach pet peeves in the comments section below...