Wooo... I don't even know where to begin with this one, guys.

Let's talk about the last year. The whole thing went down the crap shoot pretty fast, wouldn't you say? It's safe to assume most people haven't lived through a global pandemic before, so we're all just basically treading water trying to figure out what to do next day by day.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we work, play, and live. While we've all been greatly impacted in one way or another, I'm not sure there's another group of people that have had to pivot so swiftly like all the mamas out there. Of course, every state had its own issues regarding the pandemic, but let's be real for a second: Jersey was one of the worst hit by it.

Even here in South Jersey today, we're still trying to recover from the havoc COVID-19 wreaked across our region. People are still out of work, school schedules are still wonky, and forget about getting the kids together with their friends so they can actually be kids for a change rather than having to be cooped up.

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Moms, I gotta hand it to ya... you guys are warriors. Having to manage the household, cook meals, play teacher, and work remotely for your 9-5 has had to be rough. That's why this year's Hot Mom contest hits differently. It's always nice to treat mom, but this year, moms NEED it.

This year has made it basically impossible for moms to truly get any time for themselves. When you submit the mom in your life for our Hot Mom contest, she'll be able to escape to the nail salon for some much-overdue r&r. Also, she'll be able to plan the most awesome girls' night when she scores a pair of tickets to see Kane Brown on his Worldwide Beautiful Tour.

South Jersey mamas, you did great this year. Make sure your name is submitted for a much-deserved reward.


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