Jessica and Skylar.  That's basically all you need to take away from American Idol last night. 

Last night the girls performed Whitney Houston's songs and the guys performed Stevie Wonder songs.  A tall order on both counts.

Jessica Sanchez killed it.

In case you missed it, Jessica Sanchez performed Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You."  And she did it really really really really well.  Watch below -


Skylar Laine was nothing to brush off, however.  She sounds so much like Reba!  Skylar sang "Where Do Broken Hearts Go," and admitted that she has never sang Whitney Houston before!  Wow.  She started off a little shaky, but she pushed through and gave me goosebumps, it really takes of around 2:20 in the video below.  The camera pulled out to show her dad in the audience with tears in his eyes and I lost it!  I'm so sappy.


Now, the fellas. Joshua Ledet performed Stevie's "I Wish" and he did it well.  The other guys were just ok for me.

Here's Joshua -


So, please let's talk about something for a moment.  His name is Phillip Phillips.  God bless him.  I like him, but he is a mirror image of Dave Matthews.

Watch Phillip Phillips perform Stevie's "Superstition" here -


Ok, now watch this video of Dave Matthews Band performing "Cornbread."  It's an older video, but Dave is still the same today.  Can you see the similarities?  The voice, the dancing, the guitar...  Don't get me wrong, I like it and it's ok to mimic your favorite artist, but everyone on American Idol is gushing that Phillip Phillips is such an original.  That, my dear friends, is incorrect.

Dave Matthews, as my husband pointed out last night, is not the best singer, not the best guitarist, but he's different and original.  That's why Phillip Phillips rubbed me the wrong way last night, a little bit.  Just a little bit.  I would like to see Phillip do something really off the wall, like Nirvana or something softer, like James Taylor.  Just sing it, don't 'perform' it.  Ya feel me??

I wonder if Dave Matthews has seen Phillips Phillips perform??

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