A national TV show plans to do some filming in South Jersey, and you might even profit from the visit!

The History Channel TV Show, American Pickers will be visiting New Jersey in April and the show's producers are looking for fantastic places, people and things to included on their shows.

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Zachary Maxwell Stertz
Zachary Maxwell Stertz

American Pickers TV Show coming to New Jersey

The popular show travels the country, "picking" through antique collections, trying to find items that are valuable and tell great stories.

Producers note that the show is looking to find and uncover items they've never seen before.

New discoveries and accompanying tales are really what the show is all about.

Zachary Maxwell Stertz
Zachary Maxwell Stertz

Show off your unique collections and maybe make some cash

As the show heads to New Jersey, producers are now looking for places to visit, and collections to uncover and show off.

If you have unique items with stories to tell - and you might be ready to sell - now's the time to get in touch with the show.

Here's what the producers have to say about their New Jersey trip:

This could be your chance to be a little famous, and maybe make some big cash!

Do you have a large rare collection? Call them!

Are you holding onto some very unique items? Call them!

Good luck and happy picking!

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