Dear South Jersey, I am confused. I have never felt like I have been doing something the wrong way for so long, however according to you I have. Last week I asked on Facebook if you tipped gas attendants. I was expecting the vast majority to say that they never do or only on rare occasions. You could imagine my shock as I scrolled through the over 100 comments that said you tip gas attendants more often than I thought.

There was a reason why I asked this important question. I had a noteworthy gas experience the day before and felt very conflicted if I should tip the guy or not. Now I feel like a terrible person and feel like I made a mistake by not doing so.

I pulled up the the gas pump and was greeted by the attendant. He was very friendly and asked me how my night was.

I was paying with a card and at this particular station, there was a difference in price between cash and credit. He came back to my window and told me that if I put in my pin number with the keypad the pump would register it as cash and give me the cheaper price. As someone who drives a lot and has a car that needs premium gas, saving those few extra cents makes a world of difference.

U.S. Gas Prices Reach 13-Month High
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As my tank was filling up, he proceeded to clean my windows. This wasn't the first time a gas attendant cleaned my windows as I was getting gas. However, this guy took it to a whole new level. He used the one side of the cleaning tool (what is that called?) to apply the soapy water and walked away. He then returned with something to really scrub my windows. The front of my car looks like a bug graveyard, there are some dead bugs on my windows that takes a lot of elbow grease to get off. My windows were impeccable when he was finished.

What did South Jersey have to say about tipping gas attendants?

So now I feel a bit like a jerk right now...

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