Parents have it rough out there in today's world when it comes to kids and technology.

Children as young as six are getting cell phones for Christmas. It's no wonder by the age of ten that the apps on their smartphones are basically their entire world. Gone are the days when kids would spend their weekends and summers outside. The only time you see that happening is when they're forced by their parents.

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The truth is you probably thought that giving your kid a phone would mean you'd stay in constant contact. You were under the impression them having the phone would be a good way to keep tabs on them. If your child owns a smartphone, then you probably know this is definitely not the case. Is your child so distracted by their apps that they never answer your texts? I can't even imagine your anxiety levels...

Luckily, this dad came up with a solution for you! Behold the RespondASAP app!

Nick Herbert, Google Play
Nick Herbert, Google Play

App creator Nick Herbert designed it to essentially force kids to stop and text their parents back so they don't worry. The app freezes the phone and even sounds an alarm when the phone is on silent.

It's quite funny to think about scenarios in which the alarm would go off. The fear of embarrassment would be enough to make any kid respond to their parents in no time flat.

So, no more excuses, teens! ANSWER YOUR PARENTS. They're worried, as they should be; that's their job.


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