Do you ever have a déjà vu moment when you open up an app on your phone, let's say Facebook or Instagram, only to see an ad pop up for something you were just having a conversation about?

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It happens to me all the time and in every single instance I'm even more freaked out than the last time. I could be talking to my friend who just bought her son a pair of Nike's and BOOM: there's a Nike ad as soon as I open up my Facebook. I say to myself "I know I didn't search for anything Nike" only to be served an ad based on, most likely, the conversation I just wrapped up.

When I tell you I believe Big Brother is REAL. Everybody loses their mind over the thought of the Illumanati, but what if the real spies already exist in your phone. I fully believe that not only are our online habits being tracked, but our conversations are as well. Do I have any idea WHO is doing the spying? Nope, sure don't. But, I'm convinced it's happening.

Apparently, I'm not alone in my belief, either. WhistleOut, a online company that allows you to compare various cell phone plans from multiple providers, conducted a survey that showed 85% of people believe they're being tracked. Regarding social media, almost 70% believe that Facebook has some sort of hand in tracking their habits and conversations. That's one statistic I'm absolutely a part of. There's no doubt in my mind that some sort of method is used to watch what we're doing while we're on all of our apps. Don't know why? Well, I believe it's an effort to feed us content that we each would most likely result in us engaging with it.

Facebook's the app people think is spying on us the most. Can't say I disagree. Does that mean that it's our phones specifically are acting as detective? No. That's just the source through which I believe (and most of you) most of our personal information is gathered.

Check out the survey from HERE.

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