The jury is still out on this one since most people usually do share one password another with their spouse or significant other. You may not have been too happy about it, but chances are at least once in your life, one of your exes knew how to get into your phone.

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In a survey conducted by, most people experience remorse or guilt as a result of being THAT open with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Password/passcode sharing is responsible for 40% of people's regret when it comes to device privacy. While 80% of people are in fact sharing those passwords, clearly if almost half wish they hadn't, something's not right.

The insecure or uncertain partner might be made to believe that if passwords aren't freely distributed by both parties, the other has something to hide. Now, that's probably true, however it might not be what you think. Just because someone won't share their phone security code with you doesn't necessarily mean they're cheating. 64% of couples DO share that info, however. So, it may mean there's information in there they don't want you to see. Whether they're protecting you from seeing their spending habits via their bank app or how many times they call their parents in a day, if someone is THAT afraid for you to look through their technology, something is being hidden from you.

Usually though, all that's in the dark is brought to light, so it's probably only a matter of time before you figure out from what he or she is shielding your eyes. Just be patient and you'll figure it out eventually. If you can't wait, it's a "Thank you, next" situation.


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