In a late night Facebook Live speech Sunday Night, Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Sr. blamed his own residents for the rioting and looting - even though he acknowledged that it was a number of "outsiders" who were directly responsible for the trouble.

"It's sad that we as a city let some outsiders come in here and trash our town, destroy our businesses while all of the Atlantic City people that participated let it happen. I'm talking about even the people who recorded it during the so-called Facebook live. This is our city, and only things that happen in this city because we let it happen," said Small.

He continued, " Today is Atlantic City at it's worst."

Other comments from the Mayor:

"Today we worked with the outsiders to trash our city. I don't understand. There's no pride in defending Atlantic City. "

"When are we going to wake up? Today was Atlantic City at it's worst and we let it happen."

"...doing it on Facebook and you live here and let someone destroy your town."

"When it's time to stand, Atlantic City, we don't stand. We don't. When it's blood spilled in our spilled in our own streets from people we know, we don't stand."

"Look, those dudes, from wherever, out of town, they're leaving here soon. Y'all gotta live here and y'all let it happen. There's a trickle down effect. Now your family can't go to work because their place of business has been vandalized....while the majority of your participated and video recorded the whole thing. Some of you will do anything for a like or share."

Here is the video of Small's speech:


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