The first question that came to your mind was probably "what are Esports?"

ESports are video games played professionally and competitively by multiple players usually in front of huge crowds and spectators. To put it simply, Esports encompass the world of professional and organized video gaming.

So, how popular are they really? reports that surveys show 380 million people follow Esports in some capacity globally, most from Asia and the US. Streaming services like Twitch (a video streaming service that lets people watch gamers as they're playing) have contributed to the spike in popularity.

The ESportsTravel Summit is headed to Atlantic City this summer. Beginning on June 25th, various vendors, suppliers, and other professionals within the hospitality industry will flock to Atlantic City for three days of networking and info sessions with people from the gaming industry. The summit will provide everything industry professionals need to know about how to profit from the Esports phenomenon.

In a recent press release from the Atlantic City Sports Commission, it states that they're looking to position AC as the gaming hub for future Esports conferences, tournaments, etc. This could be a fabulous tourism boost for the city.

For more information about the EsportsTravel Summit, click HERE!

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