Gosh darn! I find myself on this Friday envious of a bunch of fourth-graders who managed to do something I never could: solve the Rubik's Cube.

Its an achievement a group of students at Horace Mann Elementary School in Cherry Hill reached thanks to tutoring and encouragement from their educators Heather Hayes and Chelsea Monahan.

The quest reportedly began with a student named Elliot, according to 6abc.com, who told Hayes he could master the Cube in less than a minute.

That's when Hayes decided to get her whole class in on the gaming action.

Elliot tells 6abc his fellow classmates started practicing at home over and over until they all learn how to show it who's boss. And, Elliot has some great advice that goes beyond the puzzle toy, saying, "You can accomplish any hard goal if you just do it in steps."

I guess that's enough motivation for me to give the Rubik's Cube a try again. As a kid growing up in the 80s, the only way I ever managed to solve it was to peel off the stickers and arrange them according to color. But that's CHEATING! And I never felt the sense of accomplishment I know comes with legitimately mastering it like these South Jersey elementary school students have.

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Maybe I need to go spend some time in the classroom with Heather Hayes, who says, "This time next week, I'm certain 100% of those [fourth-grade] students will solve this cube in under 10 minutes."

Heck, I've been at it for 30 years, and still NOTHING! Back to the drawing board. Well done, kids!

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