Honestly, it's annoying to even have to type out the following words, but if it means people will be more vigilant, than it's for the best. This one is for the residents of Egg Harbor Township. I can't emphasize this enough. KEEP YOUR CAR DOORS LOCKED.

It feels like we're always saying the same thing and it's just a different day, but yet another incident has been brought up on a local EHT-based Facebook page, so it is totally worth reiterating.

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Nobody wants to hear about attempted car break-ins in their neighborhood, but one woman experienced exactly that recently in her condo complex. Not just a break-in, though. They tried to take her entire car. Apparently, somebody tried to steal her car while she was at home at Country Place Condos off of the Black Horse Pike. There wasn't much the woman could do besides file a report (which she says she's done). She shared to the Facebook page that cops revealed she wasn't the only one that almost had her vehicle literally stolen from her home. Apparently, it happened to another person recently, as well.

She shared pictures to Facebook showing off the damages that were done internally to her vehicle including the steering wheel, among other things. She's hoping that by alerting people to her situation that it will encourage others to be aware and to make sure they're doing everything they can to protect their own vehicles.

Leslie Keever via Facebook
Leslie Keever via Facebook

The woman has revealed that she has since had a Ring camera installed so her home is under surveillance in case the culprits attempt to steal her car again.

Source: Facebook

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