I'm going to add a spoiler warning here. I am going to try my best to keep spoilers out of this, but I can't promise anything. You have been warned. If you have yet to see Avengers: Endgame I would suggest you stop reading now.

Seriously, STOP READING! You really don't want this movie spoiled, trust me.

Okay, now that we have reached this point I'm going to assume you've seen the movie or you want to ruin the best movie of the year. Let's get into why Avengers: Endgame has ruined the rest of the MCU for me.

I have now seen Endgame three times. Call me crazy, I contributed to the movie making over $1 billion for its opening weekend. I've cried each time. I cried during the scene and I cried to the other scene. I wasn't prepared for the hurt. I also cried during happy times, reliving certain iconic MCU moments and at the end scene. I cry a lot during movies. All of those tears have spoiled the other movies leading up to this moment.

I rewatched Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, and Captain America: Winter Soldier this weekend. Yes, I have a problem. Knowing how the story ends for the original six, effects how I watch the other movies. As I watch them all I can think about is the end. Honestly, it's very upsetting.

Of course I will still enjoy all 22 movies, even if Avengers: Endgame makes me cry each time and if seeing certain characters in earlier movies brings on some sadness knowing what is to come. However, it has effected how I watch them.

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