SPOILERS AHEAD: Proceed with caution if you have not watched The Bachelor from Monday.

Well, it was bound to happen - New Jersey's Shark Girl has been sent home.

Alexis Waters of Secaucus was not given a rose Monday night.

She was the light, comic relief from a season that has turned into "The Corrine Story."  I have no doubt that Alexis will end up on 'Bachelor in Paradise.'  Bye Alexis, I'll miss you and your weird hatred for Nicholas Cage.  (That I almost kind of agree with - lol)

The more interesting bachelorette that was sent home is Danielle L.  I really like Danielle L.  I was shocked to see her not get a rose.  Whitney, Jaimi, Jasmine and Josephine were also sent packing.  (Does he not like girls with names that begin in J?)  I'm ok with all of those decisions.

My front runner right now is Rachel.  She kind of came out of nowhere and is pretty awesome.

The juiciness continues next week!

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