The shore towns here in South Jersey provide a certain amount of beloved nostalgia for family after family, generation after generation.

People from all over grow up coming to one of South Jersey's shore towns and, in some cases, never stop. That leads to networking and relationships with restaurant owners, boardwalk employees, and stores they frequent every single trip. That's definitely true for people who've grown up taking a trip to the 5-mile island every summer.

There's Jersey Shore nostalgia, and then there's the nostalgia of Wildwood. Wildwood is an experience unlike any other. Quite honestly, being someone who grew up going to Wildwood every summer myself, it's hard to explain what makes the Wildwoods so special. Whether it's the Doo-Wop feel of the town or the traditions passed down from generation to generation, there's something that separates the Wildwood days from days spent anywhere else.

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With that being said, it's always a shot to the heart when you hear about one of your beloved Wildwood establishments closing up shop. That's how those that shopped at Eleanor's Gifts are currently feeling after hearing the news that the beloved gift shop on Oak Avenue and the boardwalk is closing at the end of the 2022 season.

The shop owner, Danny Karvounis, shared the news via Facebook. The post was then shared on various Wildwood-based Facebook groups. The comments show just how sad people are to see Eleanor's close. Still, they wish Danny and his family well and are thankful for the 70 years they've enjoyed shopping there.

Nobody has yet to confirm what will become of the storefront that currently houses Eleanor's, but no doubt, that information will be released before the start of next year's summer season.

Source: Facebook

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