Blake Shelton has had a few whirlwind, emotionally up and down few months. In 2012, he has dealt with the general commitment and chaos of ‘The Voice,’ with his team member Jermaine Paul winning the crown. On a sad note, his father passed away in January and his wife Miranda Lambert saw a close friend die. These events, combined with other professional pursuits involving releasing singles, hosting awards shows and appearing the cover of major magazines mean that he hasn’t had much time to catch a breath, much less reflect. Well, it seems like the singer found a few moments to let things sink in and to get a bit wistful. He even posted a heartfelt tweet about it.

Shelton tweeted: “Strange how when you come to a sudden stop that long line of things you’ve been trying to out run slams right back into you.. I miss my dad.”

It’s a poignant and powerful tweet -which isn’t easy when you’ve only got 140 characters to work with. But Shelton said a whole lot in very little space. It was deep and heavy, especially coming from a man with one of the best senses of humor in country music, if not all of the entertainment world.

Even someone as strong as Blake Shelton has to stop for a moment and deal with whatever curveballs life has thrown at him.

Now that the second season of his mega-popular reality show has wrapped, he has some time to process his emotions and fully miss his late father, with whom he likely wanted to share his latest achievements.


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