When you thought people couldn't get any worse....

If you've been active on social media over the last few days, you may have seen this story about a young lady who canceled her wedding after asking guests for monetary gifts valued at no less than $1500. Yes, FIFTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Where to even begin with this one.... take a look at how this viral post started off. ***WARNING - HARSH LANGUAGE USED.***

There are five screenshots, so to view the entire post, click HERE.

Not only is this probably the biggest social faux pas ever committed, it's entitled and embarrassing. To make matters worse, she mentioned the Kardashians. She wanted to be a 'Kardashian for the day'. You understand the appeal, they're all gorgeous glamazons whose job is to make money off of just being themselves. Who wouldn't want to be them? However, have a little dignity, lady. It's no one else's job nor responsibility to fund your wedding vision.

This girl lost her friends, some of her family, and her fiancé/baby's father (not to mention, her mind) to her greed, vanity, and selfishness. She blames them for ruining her life and marriage. The post reveals that she is taking a trip to South America to get over this devastating loss (please read the last two words in a sarcastic tone).

Three words to this gal: GET A GRIP.

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