You're a groom. You're outside on the terrace of whatever country club you and your bride-to-be are calling your wedding venue. You're anxiously awaiting your bride's tap on the shoulder so you can get that epic 'first-look' and the beautiful pictures that accompany the moment.

You finally feel that tap you've been waiting for, only to turn around and see this:

If you wouldn't laugh, you might need to get a new sense of humor, because this is hilarious. Seriously, if I were the bride, I'd be low-key offended. How are you supposed to top an epic prank like this? Just by walking down the aisle?

All jokes aside, though, this bride's got to be the most awesome bride out there. The groomsman is literally wearing HER DRESS. It's not even like he got his own to pull off the prank.

One can only hope this wasn't a summer wedding. Guy sweat all down your wedding gown? In the famous words of Randy Jackson....

Source: Facebook, Giphy

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