We call them exes for a reason!

Apparently, this woman disagrees. 6ABC.com shares the story of a woman who went out, purchased a wedding dress, crashed her ex's wedding while wearing said dress, and basically ruined the entire day.

Check out the video:

The video's now been shared via dozens of various news outlets and websites, including GoViral via Youtube.

If this wasn't the worst thing you've seen so far all day, then apologies are extended to you because this is awful and embarrassing enough to make anyone's blood run cold. The story goes that she entered the ceremony at the point where the groom in the video was about to kiss his new bride. Note that the ex of the groom even got down on her knees? How pathetic.

6ABC.com says that the couple is, apparently, working on overcoming the unfortunate mishap.Good for the bride! Can't say many others would do the same.... Truth be told, though, would you even be able to blame them?

Source: 6ABC.com, Youtube

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