Mere days after the Phillies announced the signing of Bryce Harper to a 13-year, $330 million dollar contract, it's already evident how happy Phillies fans are with this decision.

If there were any questions regarding fan sentiments about the signing of Bryce Harper, those have officially been silenced. reports that just days after the announcement, Bryce Harper's #3 jersey has already broken some major merchandise records!

The popular sports merch site, Fanatics, reportedly told 6ABC that the Harper jersey has broken the record of best sales over the first 24 hours for a brand new jersey launch EVER. Translation: more people bought Harper's new Phillies jersey upon his signing announcement than any other player after their announcement. Guess this means Phillies fans are pretty excited for this season, huh? DUH!

Harper expressed how parched he is for a World Series championship win. Even though he misspoke when he said he wanted to bring DC a win, we knew what he meant. We're with you, Harper! Make up for your misuse of words by bringing home that trophy!


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