Buddy Valastro, New Jersey’s Cake Boss, was interviewed on TMZ recently and video shows his hand for the first time since his bandages and cast came off.

It’s far better than the day his hand was literally impaled by a piece of a metal from a bowling pin setter in his home, but still not pretty.

He now has a pretty crazy scar and still is struggling with pain and range of motion. He told TMZ how he’s had to learn to become left-handed. Even though he’s doing somewhat okay, he still may require more surgeries.

I feel for this guy. Anyone who once broke a foot or a bone in a hand knows how everything you took for granted, things you never thought twice about, suddenly change. Things like showering with a plastic bag taped airtight carefully around your cast for example. But these things are minor compared to what Buddy is going through.

The accident happened in September. Considering how recent it was it’s pretty remarkable how far he’s already come. The TLC celebrity baker credits all that to having found the right hand surgeon quickly.

Valastro was born in Hoboken and raised there and in Little Ferry. He went to Ridgefield Park High School then studied baking at Bergen County Technical High School. He worked alongside his father at age 11 at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken. His dad died when he was only 17 and he took over the family business. The ultimate Jersey guy, his latest challenge definitely gives meaning to the expression Jersey strong.

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