'Tis the season for giving, is it not?

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That's exactly what the Southern NJ region of various Elks' chapters think as they've been working together to collect donations, both monetary and otherwise, on behalf of the veterans home located in Vineland, Cumberland County. Honestly, with the pandemic making it almost impossible for family members to even see or contribute to their relatives who call that place home, it's not a crazy idea to believe the home is in serious need of whatever can be provided.

NJ.com reports that the Elks were able to gift the NJ Veterans Memorial Home with over $5,500 worth of monetary donations alone. They were able to almost match that amount in various personal items donated for the home's residents. Many branches of the South District Elks were able to donate almost $1,000 worth of various pieces of clothing, sanitary products, and snacks alone.

In a year where so many don't have much to give, it's remarkable when you sit back and actually look at what's been collected for the folks at the home. This year's been rough on so many people for more reasons than one, but this donation proves that even when South Jersey suffers unimaginable loss, communities are always willing to take care of our own.

In total, the Elks were able to raise $11,300 worth of donations including both monies and personal items. That number alone proves the previous statement - South Jersey takes care of its own.

Source: NJ.com

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