Russell Dickerson's selfless gesture toward a young fan involved in a devastating car accident is enough to melt even the iciest of hearts this holiday season.

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Sarah Frei, a 17-year-old high school student in Utah, was driving with her friends over the summer when their car was hit head-on by a drunk driver. She was paralyzed in the crash and had both of her legs amputated, so she now uses a wheelchair.

While in the hospital recovering, Frei's cheerleading squad surprised her with a routine set to her favorite song, Dickerson's "Home Sweet." Videos of Frei learning the routine from her hospital bed, and later performing it with her squad, caught the country star's eye.

"That, first of all, just rocked my world, but to see the joy and to see the zeal for life still that she had doing the dance to my song "Home Sweet," it just drew me in, it captured me," Dickerson recalls of watching the video. "And I was in."

To give back to the resilient teen, Dickerson felt compelled to do something that would "absolutely make her life," so he partnered with Chevrolet to give her a 2021 Chevy Traverse, fully equipped to accommodate her needs. He unveiled the exciting news during a surprise Zoom call, and the 17-year-old moved to tears when the country star stepped in front of the camera.

"The story alone, but also the joy on your face when you were doing that dance to "Home Sweet," and the joy on your face after what you had just experienced, that is what just rocked my world," Dickerson raves. "And then, for you to be so determined to get out in time to get on that football field and perform with your cheer squad, that's just the definition of determination, and I'm so glad that "Home Sweet" could be such a song of hope and joy for you."

In another heartwarming moment, Dickerson himself got choked up as he announced that he'd teamed up with Chevrolet to give Frei the car, and she was again moved to tears as she headed out to the driveway with her parents to view the gift that was too large to put in a stocking.

"I love it," Frei says glowingly after giving the car a hug.

"Thank you for your joy and the love that you're spreading all around to everyone who hears your story," Dickerson praises. "Just keep inspiring people, girl, because you're doing it."

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