Arguably one of the best trauma hospitals in the entire Garden State, Cooper University Hospital in Camden is expected to undergo some serious renovations in the coming months.

The announcement was made on Monday, September 19th, that Cooper will be undergoing an expansion project worth a cool $2 billion. That's definitely not chump change we're talking about. According to, the work will primarily be so the hospital has the capacity to take in even more patients than they already do.

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Many South Jersey residents from all of the surrounding counties seek out treatment for various issues at Cooper. Also, it's well-known in Camden County for its trauma center.

The project is expected to break ground during the early part of 2023. It will add three more buildings to the campus, as well as one hundred additional rooms. That will mean the hospital will have the ability to treat almost 750 patients.

This announcement is a big deal for the city of Camden. It means that people haven't given up on the city's potential. The expansion also means even more jobs will be available within the city. More jobs equates to more spending within the city limit which, in turn, will benefit Camden's economy.

The final estimate for the project has not yet been revealed, nor has anyone commented on how long the project will take to complete. Apparently, it could take almost a decade. Only time will tell, though, once they break ground.

To find out more about Cooper's big expansion project, click HERE.


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