Recall last Halloween; we shared a story about a microbiologist who "painted" germ art onto her petri dish to create some pretty epic holiday-themed masterpieces (click here for that story).

Well, she's at it again with more creative concoctions in celebration of America's birthday. She posted a picture of her 4th of July petri dish art to her social media pages yesterday.

The fireworks are made from a pathogen (a disease-causing or infectious bacteria) called Rhodotorula. The July 4th message was constructed under the microscope with both rhodotorula and a bacteria referred to as "staphylococcus epidermidis". This bacteria is usually harmless, but can become pathogenic in certain settings like a hospital, for example.

The next holiday coming is what, Labor Day? So, we expect some festive germ art for that occasion too, Shannon!

Shannon Robinson is a Gloucester County resident who works as a microbiologist at Cooper Hospital in Camden.

Source: Facebook

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