A local cat has become TikTok famous just for being, well, homeless.

Sort of...

A feline named Leo has reportedly been living inside the Home Depot store in Mount Laurel since last year, according to 6abc.com.

courtesy 6abc.com via Jeffrey Simpkins
courtesy 6abc.com via Jeffrey Simpkins

A frequent customer named Jeffrey Simpkins started documenting Leo's existence and posted some clips to the TikTok streaming platform where they quickly went viral.

No, duh! I mean, a cat just LIVING inside a retail store is mindboggling to me. I can't even get my cat to look out a window. This one's just hanging around where people shop for lumber and paint and stuff, lol. Oh, he also apparently gets dressed up in outfits on occasion.

I think I'm more amazed that Simpkins tells 6abc he often brings his OWN cats to go shopping with him, even to Home Depot where Leo may be wandering around. Where do people find THESE kinds of cats? I'd lose a pint of blood if I tried to bring my Maggie and Lady to the store.

Apparently, Leo is just Mount Laurel Home Depot's accidental mascot now. He's even got name tags that suggest he be returned to the store if lost. So, in case your next question was, 'Can I adopt him?', sadly the answer's no.

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Because of Leo's reach on TikTok thanks to Jeffrey Simpkins, the cat's popularity is growing, and his fans even stop into Home Depot to visit him. He's reportedly a very friendly cat. Guess where you'll find ME the next time I have a day off? Lol.

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