Every year Parade publishes its annual "What People Earn" report.  It's always a very popular issue!

The 30th annual edition of "What People Earn" includes celebrities and non-celebrities.  Sometimes, seeing the civilian salaries is more fun and definitely eye opening!  Here's a sneak peek -

- Suzanne Collins, author of "The Hunger Games" earned $31,300 as a TV Writer.  She currently makes $10 million.

- Johnny Depp, in 1983, made $13,500 as a salesman.  He's pulling in $50 million a year now.

- Ryan Seacrest, at the age of 20, earned $10,800 as a radio host.  Now he makes $15 million as the host of "American Idol."

- Oprah Winfrey made $200,000 as host of "AM Chicago" in 1984.  Now she earns $290 million as CEO of Harpo.

Click HERE to read the whole article.

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